Bertine Bahige Presents on the Refugee Community Across Wyoming State

Bertine Bahige Presents on the Refugee Community Across Wyoming State

What initially started with Bertine’s presentation at the University of Wyoming has transformed into a series of informative sessions on the refugee issues particular to Wyoming. The Humanity Council approached Bertine and has, since the beginning of the year, coordinated and presented on these issues across the state.

From Laramie, WY where the University is located, Bertine next went to the largest town in the state, Casper, WY where he talked with close to 200 people at the local community college. Then he moved to Gillette, WY– his own hometown– where he presented twice in front of the League of Women voters of Wyoming as well the Knitting Women of Wyoming Community. Read more here.

Next, Bertine participated in a bigger panel presentation in Powell, WY at the Heart Mountain site, where Japanese Americans were forced to live during close to 3 years during World War II. This is the place where 15,000 Japanese Americans lived for three years. Against this backdrop warning of the impacts of xenophobia, Bertine participated in a televised panel discussion about the issue of refugees and diversity in Wyoming. This panel featured, in addition to Bertine, Professor Pritchett from the University of Wyoming, representative Reed from Casper (who remains anti-refugee in his policies, currently sponsoring a bill that will block any refugee resettlement effort in Wyoming), and Senator Alan Simpson (a former Senator who helped pioneer the refugee resettlement program in the US). Read more about this panel discussion here:

Heart Mountain panelists discuss refugee program

Panel dissects Wyoming refugee, immigration outlook

Bertine has several more presentations scheduled through October, so stay tuned Wyoming!

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