Louisiana:: Dauda Sesay 

Louisiana:: Dauda Sesay 

State:  Louisiana

City of Residence:  Baton Rouge

Country of Origin:  Sierra Leone

Arrival in the U.S.:  2009

Dauda fled Sierra Leone due to the brutal war that led to the murder of his father and younger sister. While he was fleeing the military and the rebels, he was shot and seriously injured.  In the refugee camp in the Gambia, he worked with other refugees to advocate for better living conditions in the camp and education for the children. When his injury required further surgery, he moved to the capital, where he met his wife, Alima also a refugee. When his medical condition deteriorated, Dauda and his new wife and six-month-old daughter were resettled to the US.

Today in Baton Rouge, Dauda is the proud father of three children, one born in the Gambia and two born in the US.  He has a degree in Applied Science in Process Technology from Baton Rouge Community College. Dauda is a founding member and Vice President of Louisiana Organization for Refugees and Immigrants, a nonprofit ethnic community-based organization assisting refugee and immigrant through their various stages of integration into the United States.


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