Entekhab Alsaraji

Entekhab Alsaraji

State: Arizona

City of Residence: Tucson, Arizona

Country of origin: Iraq

Arrival in the U.S.: 2010

Ms. Entekhab Alsaraji was forced to flee Iraq due to security concerns from Iraqi insurgents after she worked as an interpreter for Coalition Forces from 2003-2009. She came to the United States on a Special Immigrant Visa, and was resettled in Tucson, Arizona where she currently lives with her husband, son and daughter. Ms. Alsaraji works with Arabic-speaking refugees as a bilingual clerk for the AMPHI school district. Previously, she worked with the Tucson International Alliance of Refugee Communities where she helped new refugees – particularly elderly refugees – integrate and establish themselves in their new communities.

Ms. Alsaraji feels that working with refugees is a privilege, and that helping people who flee from disasters or wars to resettle and integrate into American society is a great mission. Of all her contributions to her community, Ms. Alsaraji is most proud of working with refugee seniors by changing their lives, and helping them to be a unique member of society.

To Entekhab, the U.S. means: Fighting to be accepted by others

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