Refugee Congress Advisory Board

Welcome to Refugee Congress!

I am delighted that you have chosen to visit our website and to learn more about the work that we are doing. Since its inception in 2011, Refugee Congress has grown as an organization and as a movement. Today, we have recruited members from almost all 50 states.

We are teachers, advocates, social workers, students and activists. We are among the few of the world’s 22 million refugees who are resettled in the United States. We are grateful for our lives in the U.S. and therefore each feel a responsibility to speak up for refugees. We believe that America is a beacon of hope and that we must each carry that torch boldly for refugees, immigrants and all who seek refuge on our shores. Refugee Congress delegates serve, as well as educate their communities at home and abroad.

We are so grateful for your support and continued interest and we encourage you to join us in welcoming refugees.


Clara Hart

Clara Hart

Board Chair, Refugee Congress




Clara Hart

Delegate from South Dakota

At-Large RCAB Member

Vice Chair

Fidel Nshombo

Delegate from Idaho

Northwest Region RCAB Rep


Natasa Torbica

Delegate from Wisconsin

Central Region RCAB Rep


Kamal Dhimal

Delegate from North Carolina

Eastern Region RCAB Rep


Omar Bah

Delegate from Rhode Island

Northeast Region RCAB Rep

Wilmot Collins

Delegate from Montana

At-Large RCAB Member

Esmail Dezhbod

Delegate from Connecticut

At-Large RCAB Member

Karna Gurung

Delegate from Nebraska

Midwest Region RCAB Rep

Beni DeDieu Luzau

Delegate from Maryland

Mid-Atlantic Region RCAB Rep

Drocella Mugorewera

Delegate from Tennessee

Southwest Region RCAB Rep

Martin Ndayisenga

Delegate from New Mexico

Southwest Region RCAB Rep