Jessi Calzado-Esponda

State: District of Columbia City of Residence: Washington Country of origin: Cuba Arrival in the US: 1999 Jessi Calzado-Esponda has lived an extraordinary life. At the tender age of 7, and at no fault of her own, she became a political refugee after being placed in a raft that was headed to America. In the blink of an eye, Jessi […]

DC Pride: A Platform to Discuss Intersectionality of the LGBTQI and Refugee/Asylum Seeker Communities

Although Pride-attendees have been critiqued in recent years for coopting the LGBTQI space for “partying,” delegate Ali Bushara has reclaimed its original, grassroots history. In both the DC Black and Capital Prides, Ali worked to bring awareness in both the LGBTQI and ally community in DC about the issues facing the international LGBTQI community based on refugees’ and asylum-seekers’ experiences […]