Nga Vương-Sandoval

State: Colorado Country of Origin: Việt Nam Nga Vương-Sandoval is the Refugee Congress Delegate for Colorado. She and her family fled from their homeland due to the Việt Nam War and became refugees. They were displaced in refugee camps before resettling in the U.S. and were known as the “boat people.” As a Việtnamese refugee, she’s empathetic to the plight and struggle […]

Tuan Do

State: Alabama City of Residence: Mobile, Alabama Country of origin: Viet Nam Arrival in the U.S.: 1993 Mr. Tuan Do is a Vietnamese refugee who came to the United States in 1993. He currently resides in Mobile, Alabama with his wife and daughter. He works as a program coordinator at Boat People SOS, assisting the Vietnamese population affected by the […]