Fatima Dirie

State: Utah City of Residence: Salt Lake City Country of origin: Somalia Arrival in the US: 1997 Fatima Dirie is the Refugee Community Liasion for the Salt Lake City Mayor’s office. Fatima was born in Somalia, and lived in Kenya for several years before coming to the United States. She moved to Utah with her family in 1997 and has […]

Jessi Calzado-Esponda

State: District of Columbia City of Residence: Washington Country of origin: Cuba Arrival in the US: 1999 Jessi Calzado-Esponda has lived an extraordinary life. At the tender age of 7, and at no fault of her own, she became a political refugee after being placed in a raft that was headed to America. In the blink of an eye, Jessi […]

Honorary Delegate Som Subedi Held a Demonstration Against the Travel Ban

Delegate Som Subedi (OR), along with twenty-six organizations, civil society, community and government held a demonstration against the first anniversary of President Trump’s rolling initiatives banning refugees and immigrants from a number of Muslim-majority nations. The demonstration took place on Saturday, January 27, 2018 at an officially permitted free-speech zone at Portland International Airport . Welcoming North westerners, including representatives of Oregon’s Congressional delegation honored traditional elders, civic […]

Delegate Basma Alawee (FL), a member of the Youth and Education Caucus, leads her students to learn about the experience of being a refugee

Delegate Basma Alawee(FL), a member of the Youth and Education Caucus, organized a variety of opportunities for her students to learn about the experience of being a refugee, including supporting students to stage a play, Crossing the Border, that explored issues of diversity, culture, respect for peoples, courage, and compassion.