Bertine Bahige Presents on the Refugee Community Across Wyoming State

What initially started with Bertine’s presentation at the University of Wyoming has transformed into a series of informative sessions on the refugee issues particular to Wyoming. The Humanity Council approached Bertine and has, since the beginning of the year, coordinated and presented on these issues across the state. From Laramie, WY where the University is located, Bertine next went to […]

LGBTI Caucus

The aim of our Tuesday’s meeting in Miami was to identify the available resources to respond to LGBTI Refugee employment and housing needs, asylum applications, friendly communities, churches and other basic needs of newly arriving LGBTI refugees and asylum seekers. We encouraged the local LGBTQ community in South Florida to extend their services to LGBTI refugees and asylum seekers Among […]

Carmen Kcomt Recognized as one of San Diego’s Distinguished Citizens

This time last year, in June of 2015, Carmen Kcomt received the “Distinguished Citizen” Award from the San Diego County Bar Association for her work with La Maestra Community Health Center. This award highlighted Carmen’s resilience after persecution by the Peruvian authorities and her 31-year contribution to her community through her legal practice– both in Peru and once she was […]

Ekhlas Ahmed Speaks at a Rally in Maine

“It shouldn’t matter that they are 10,000 miles away. It shouldn’t matter that they speak a different language or that they are of a different race. It shouldn’t matter that their governments might be to blame. It shouldn’t matter that they practice a different religion. We welcome Syrian refugees.”