Karna Gurung

Midwest Regional Representative – Board of Directors

Delegate – Nebraska

Country of origin: Bhutan
Arrival in the U.S.: 2009

Karna Gurung is the Refugee Congress Delegate for Nebraska.

Gurung is a refugee from Bhutan who was resettled to the United States in 2009. His family fled Bhutan after the government seized their home and farmland, and tortured his father. He spent nearly 20 years living in a refugee camp, where unfortunately his sister and parents still live.

Gurung currently resides in Omaha where he works as Chief Financial Officer at United Family Home Health Care. He continues to serve the refugee community of Omaha by assisting newcomers with transportation, finding jobs, and adjusting to the American lifestyle.

In addition to being a Refugee Congress delegate, he is also a member of the Refugee Task Force, Omaha Together One Community, and the Organization of Bhutanese Communities in America. Gurung is most proud of contributing to the community by sharing mental health and financial education with newly-arrived refugees.

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