Myo Myint

State: Indiana

City of Residence: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Country of origin: Myanmar

Arrival in the U.S.: 2008

Mr. Myo Myint is a refugee who fled Myanmar after being persecuted, imprisoned, and tortured for his support of the National League for Democracy. He arrived in the United States in 2008 and now lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Mr Myint is a Certified ESL teacher and medical interpreter who assists Myanmarese refugees with their integration in the United States. He also helps fund, edit, and publish a bi-monthly Myanmarese magazine. He continues to advocate on behalf of human rights in Myanmar from afar by producing weekly television programs and contributing to articles for the Myanmarese public that address news, American culture, law, and politics. He was also featured in the British documentary, “Burma Soldier.” Mr. Myint is most proud of contributing to his community through his work as an interpreter and translator.

Word for U.S.: Democracy