Recentering Refugees’ Contributions to PA in World Refugee Day Festivities

Arriving on the heels of his discussion with the Governor Tom Wolf of PA who came out in support of refugee resettlement, Joseph, upon invitation from the Philadelphia Mayor’s Commission on Immigrant and Refugees, participated in the annual Refugee Day Festivity in PA. In an event of over 300 people, Joseph printed and distributed flyers to over 100 participants.

Joseph notes that this event highlighted for the migrant community that unlike many states’ responses to growing numbers of resettled refugees, PA has been unique in that there has been overwhelming support of refugees among many state and local officials. Recently, for example, Governor Tom Wolf and his cabinet vehemently opposed to the call for halt on refugees resettlement program and cited that Pennsylvania is noted for its cultural and ethnic diversity, and has always been receptive to welcoming new arrivals. Mayor Kenney praised these same cultural, economic and educational contributions of refugees to the Philadelphia area at the World Refugee event. Read more on this event here:

Marking World Refugee Day, Kenney vows to make Philly ‘a sanctuary for people who need protection’

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