Refugee Congress Calls for Refugee Resettlement Admissions to Be Set Without Delay


Refugee Congress is deeply concerned about reports that the Trump Administration is considering postponing refugee admissions in the coming fiscal year.

Refugee resettlement numbers are already at a historic low — just 18,000 this fiscal year, and we are unlikely to even get near that low number. As we near the end of the fiscal year, this Administration has resettled less than 8,000 refugees.

The refugee resettlement program is a critical life-saving program that upholds this nation’s tradition of welcome to those fleeing violence and persecution.

Refugee Congress urges this Administration to consult with Congress swiftly, in advance of the approaching deadline of setting the Presidential Determination by September 30. We firmly believe that a refugee resettlement admissions level of at least 95,000, the bipartisan historic norm for this program, is critical to maintaining our commitment to refugees.

“We are facing the largest refugee crisis in history,” said Lourena Gboeah, Chairperson of the Refugee Congress Board of Directors. “We need to maintain our commitment to provide safe haven to refugees fleeing conflict, persecution and violence. Delays and postponements mean real impacts on the lives and wellbeing of refugees and their families. We are ready to welcome refugees and call on the president to make it possible for us to do so.”