Refugee Congress Welcomes New Delegates

Refugee Congress is very excited to welcome new Delegates to represent six states. We are pleased to introduce:

Delegate for Alaska: Mahdi Akal

Mahdi is a former refugee originally from Somalia and lived in multiple Middle Eastern countries before resettling in Alaska in 2014. He works as an educator at the Anchorage Museum.

Delegate for Kansas – Gedeon Bahemuka Jino

Gedeon is a former refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo. He works with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Kansas. He is committed to raising the voices of refugees and inspiring others.

Delegate for Missouri – Victoria Barmak

Victoria is a former refugee from Soviet Union. Today, she works at a Bilingual International Assistance Services, a nonprofit that provides mental health and social and legal services to immigrants and refugees. She believes in the importance of empowering new immigrants, refugees and asylum-seekers with information, resources, support and the respect they deserve.

Delegate for Oklahoma – Sang Rem

Sang is a former refugee from Burma/Myanmar. She is committed to ensuring that every family and individual has access to the relationships, resources and learning opportunities that help them thrive in their new country. Today, she works at the Spero Project, a nonprofit organization serving resettled refugees.

Delegate for Vermont – Umesh Acharya

Umesh Acharya grew up in a refugee camp in Nepal. Today, he is an advocate for the mental health and wellbeing of former refugees and immigrants. He has worked for a local school district as their Registrar/Guidance Secretary and also served as the Teen Director for a community center.

Delegate for Washington State – Tshishiku Henry

Tshishiku is a former refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo. He is passionate about helping immigrants and refugees and has worked in the areas of human rights, child protection and gender-based violence. Today, he works as an Employment Case Manager at Jewish Family Service, a nonprofit based in Seattle.