Carmen Kcomt

State: California Country of origin: Peru Arrival in the U.S.: 2003 Carmen Kcomt is the Refugee Congress Delegate for California. She is a former asylum-seeker and is an attorney, member of the American Bar Association and former Magistrate from Peru. She served in the Judicial Power for 10 years as a Family and Juvenile Judge. Kcomt holds a master’s degree in International Law […]

Carmen Kcomt Recognized as one of San Diego’s Distinguished Citizens

This time last year, in June of 2015, Carmen Kcomt received the “Distinguished Citizen” Award from the San Diego County Bar Association for her work with La Maestra Community Health Center. This award highlighted Carmen’s resilience after persecution by the Peruvian authorities and her 31-year contribution to her community through her legal practice– both in Peru and once she was […]