Jihan Daman Mobilizes Faith Community in Michigan

Jihan has been working tirelessly with various faith communities in Michigan to bring the voices of faith leaders to elected officials. She is working with the Lutheran Church Assistant Bishop and other Chaldean community leaders along with our Bishop to arrange a meeting with representatives of the Michigan Governor’s office.

Jihan Daman

State: Michigan Country of origin: Iraq Arrival in the U.S.: 1985 Jihan Daman is the Refugee Congress Delegate for Michigan. She is a resettled refugee who came to the United States from Iraq with her family in 1985. Today, she is founder and president of two social services agencies in Michigan: St. Rita Family Services Inc. and St. Rita Hands […]

Ayman Okar

State: Michigan City of Residence: Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan Country of origin: Syria Arrival in the U.S.: 2012 Mr. Ayman Okar is originally from Syria, and came to the United States in 2012 on a visa. Mr. Okar currently lives in Michigan with his wife and twin sons where he works in sales support at Cosmopolitan Travel Service. He serves […]