Valerie Bahige

At Large Representative – Board of Directors Delegate – Wyoming Country of Origin: Democratic Republic of the Congo Arrival in the U.S.: 2015 Valerie Bahige is the Refugee Congress Delegate for Wyoming.  

Bertine Bahige Presents on the Refugee Community Across Wyoming State

What initially started with Bertine‚Äôs presentation at the University of Wyoming has transformed into a series of informative sessions on the refugee issues particular to Wyoming. The Humanity Council approached Bertine and has, since the beginning of the year, coordinated and presented on these issues across the state. From Laramie, WY where the University is located, Bertine next went to […]

Bertine Bahige

State: Wyoming City of Residence: Gillette, Wyoming Country of origin: Democratic Republic of the Congo Arrival in the U.S.: 2003 Mr. Bertine Bahige fled the Democratic Republic of the Congo at the age of 15 when rebels raided his house and tried to forcibly recruit him. Traveling alone, he undertook a dangerous journey to a refugee camp in Mozambique. In […]