Tecle Gebremicheal

State: Idaho
Country of Origin: Ethiopia
Arrival in the U.S.: 2012

Tecle Gebremicheal is the Refugee Congress Delegate for Idaho.

Only seven years ago, he came to the U.S. as a resettled refugee from Ethiopia with nothing but a few pairs of shoes — one for running and the other soccer cleats — and an empty pocket, with the full of hope that America might have everything a refugee would seek in life.

He previously attended the College of Western Idaho, worked at the English Language Center as computer lab monitor and cultural orientation facilitator, volunteered for local political campaigns and served as an intern at the Idaho Statehouse. In 2019, he ran for Boise city council to serve the community that welcomed and changed his life.

Gebremicheal is a nationally accredited language service provider and a head soccer coach for high school students. He also works as an assistant teacher at a high school and a service-learning student coordinator at Boise State University.

He has received numerous awards, including the Successful Refugee and Integration Award, Continues Effort to Community Wellbeing Honoree Award and the Mayor’s Award to Good Neighbors.

Gebremicheal is currently studying for a bachelor’s in political science at Boise State University and serves as a Petroleum Supply Specialist in the United States Army Reserves. He has been accepted to pursue an MPA at Boise State University after graduation.

Even though the name refugee sticks forever, his hard work, determination and resilience have made him a self-supporting citizen. As he hoped, America didn’t fail him. He is passionate about public service and works tirelessly to serve his community.

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