• Delegate Clara Hart featured in Argus Leader newspaper
    Delegate Clara Hart featured in Argus Leader newspaper
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    Wilmot Collins
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  • Refugee Congress on the Hill 2016
  • Refugee Congress 2016
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Refugee Congress is an independent advocacy and advisory organization comprised of refugees, asylum-seekers, and stateless persons from across the U.S. who seek to champion domestic and international refugee issues.


Refugee Congress Statement on World Refugee Day 2017: 

We the Refugee Congress, as refugees and asylees from around the world now resettled in and representing each of the 50 United States, take this day to:

-Reflect on the time we spent in refugee camps, with little hope and much uncertainly about our futures.  

-Express gratitude to communities across the U.S. that welcomed us and gave us a chance to rebuild our lives and become leaders in our communities.

-Celebrate the resilience of our families.

-Remember that refugees and immigrants are an integral part of this nation’s history.

-Stand in solidarity with our 65 million sisters and brothers around the world, still with no place to call home.    

We are here because someone spoke out for us and we will continue to speak out for refugees, asylees, and stateless persons around the world every day of the year.  We hope that today, on World Refugee Day, you will join our team by speaking out for refugees.   #teamrefugees #WRD2017

Delegate Spotlight: Hadidja Nyiransekuye

A survivor of the Rwandan Genocide, Ms. Hadidja Nyiransekuye and her four children were granted asylum in 2000. She earned a Ph.D. in social work, and is now a university professor in Texas. She remains dedicated to speaking out about Rwanda.


Refugee Congress is grateful to our new funding partner, USA for UNHCR, whose support has made this gathering possible. You can support the Refugee Congress and refugees worldwide by supporting USA for UNHCR. www.unrefugees.org/donate